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Tip: Host Twitter chats to increase brand awareness

It can be tough to get outside of your circle and reach new audiences. Leverage Twitter chats to gain high-quality followers that might never have found you otherwise.

Twitter chats are conversations hosted on Twitter under a designated hashtag at a given (usually recurring) day and time. Hosting them is a great way to expand your reach, increase brand awareness, get new followers, and become an authority. Just set a recurring 30-60 minute block of time and designate a broad topic to be discussed, then spread the word. To get things moving, you can contact influencers and incentivize their participation — particularly if you don't have much of an audience. As the day approaches, select a sub-topic, put together 5-15 questions (labeled Q1, Q2, etc.), and display them as images to increase sharability. After the chat, use the best answers to create content, then share it with the participants. An easier, but still powerful option is simply participating in chats. Though you may not be the focal point, you can still reap all the benefits by participating consistently. Check out Tweet Reports for upcoming chats.

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    What Twitter Chats do you all like to participate in? #SEMrushChat and #ppcchat are my favorites, but always looking for more!

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