Tip: If you've paused operations, create a form to passively capture leads in your absence

If you've temporarily closed shop due to the coronavirus, you're probably missing out on leads. Make sure these potential customers are ready and waiting by incentivizing visitors to sign up for a notification when you reopen.

Just because you've paused temporarily doesn't mean people have stopped needing a product like yours. Use a prominent call to action like a banner to clearly state that you'll be reopening soon and direct visitors to a field where they can enter their email addresses to get notified. Then sweeten the pot by offering a nice discount on their future purchase for doing so. Collin Davis (@collins88) of Blue Digits has a client in the travel space who added a lead capture like this and now 2% of visitors who would have otherwise bounced are becoming leads for later. Don't add their emails to your standard mailing list, though — keep the barrier to entry low by making it clear that you'll only contact them when you open back up.

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