Tip: Improve retention by creating a customer knowledge base

While some customers want to talk, many prefer to quickly find answers to their own questions. Reduce support time while improving customer satisfaction by creating (and regularly updating) a knowledge base.

A customer knowledge base is a collection of information ranging from FAQs and tutorials to technical documentation. Here are some good examples. While they take time to create, they're great for retention and they can save you time in the long run. In fact, GoAnalyze saw a 60% decrease in support tickets and prevented 22% of their customers from churning just by updating their existing knowledge base. To figure out what to include, keep an eye on what your customers are consistently asking about, and check out where they're stumbling with tools like HotJar and Mouseflow. The knowledge base should be easily accessible, organized, concise, skimmable, and optimized for SEO. Once it's up and running, make a habit of updating it on a regular basis, as well as whenever a major update is released.

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