Tip: Improve your SEO by creating seasonal content

Riding the holiday wave can give you a nice boost in traffic. Strengthen your SEO by finding the best seasonal topics for your niche, writing about them, and updating the content each year.

Holidays and seasons affect traffic for the vast majority of businesses, and you can make the most of this by writing about seasonal topics. To do this, start with a list of seed keywords like your product type(s), industry, etc. Search the keywords on a tool like Ahrefs' Keyword Explorer, then head to the "Matching Terms" view. Click the "Include" filter, add a list of holidays, click "Any word", and apply the filter. Now you've got a list of holiday keywords relevant to your niche. Filter these by volume and difficulty, take your pick, and start writing. For best results, link to the seasonal content from your highest-ranking pages. And update the content every year — don't write a new one next year. That way, you'll keep your link equity and build page authority.

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