Tip: Include a donation add-on in your checkout to improve retention

People like to support a good cause. Donating a portion of your profits to a charity is a great start, but consider improving retention by including a donation add-on in your checkout flow.

According to @patticus of ProfitWell, placing a donation add-on in a brand's checkout flow can not only bring in a significant number of donations for their cause, but it can increase retention too. In the study, even customers who had a low affinity with the cause were often willing to donate a few dollars on top of their subscriptions. And the data shows that add-ons like these can increase retention by 7-10%. So consider asking each customer if they'd like to make a donation in addition to their purchase. Then A/B test it. This is particularly effective for cause-driven brands — if you aren't championing a cause yet, that's something to consider, as it can be a key differentiator.

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