Tip: Increase brand awareness by piggybacking on popular tweets

Tweeting to your audience is great, but it's important to expand your reach to new audiences as well. To branch out, be the first to comment on soon-to-be popular tweets from influencers.

According to Toby Howell of Morning Brew, an easy way to grow your audience is by piggyback on popular tweets. Set up push notifications to alert you when influencers in your industry tweet something. When you're notified, take a look right away. If you think the tweet could get some engagement and you've got something valuable to say, be the first to add a thoughtful comment. Speed is key here so if you plan to make your comments stand out with images, make sure you've got a service like Canva or Stencil locked and loaded.

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    Hell yeah!

    You can piggy back off tweets that align with your views, but you can also be a bit controversial with piggy backing off popular tweets that can be challenged by your views as well.

    The key is to balance how controversial, but you want your followers to be like "Oh yeah that's right! I agree with X! This is why I follow them!" then they go on to engage with your tweet, too!

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    Great idea, what kind of images would you combine with the tweet. I want to try this but not exactly sure how to link the two?

    1. 1

      Depends on what you're commenting about! If you're making a point, you may be able to demonstrate it visually (for example, by representing some stats with a graph). If you're explaining how to do something, you could put together some screenshots. If you were surprised by their tweet, you could put a funny gif to show your reaction. If you're discussing the merits of dogs vs cats, you could share a photo of your doggo. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️

      It's just a good idea to have a system set up so that you can put something together quickly if need be. Sometimes it won't be necessary — images can help you stand out but a sentence or even a word can be all that's needed. Hope that helps! 🚀

      1. 1

        Thank you so much. Now I get it. Thanks for the tips. I will apply it. You rock @growthbites

  3. 2

    I love this!

    I'm bad at being consistent on social media, but every time I do this, my follower count grows way faster than average (my average is super low, like a few followers per month).

    I didn't even automate it as much as you suggest. I just created a twitter list of the people I want to respond to, and instead of leaving my feed open, I'd leave that list open, and respond when I saw something interesting.

    The idea of using Canva or similar tools to make images sounds awesome as well.

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