Tip: Increase conversions by getting people to sign up for your waitlist via email

Waitlists are a great way to garner attention and find customers pre-launch, but making people sign up via a form is a missed opportunity. Nurture prospective customers by requiring that they email you personally to join the list.

Instead of filling out a form to get on HEY's waitlist, those who wanted access had to send them an email. Seeing HEY's overwhelming success with this approach, @alexhillman of Stacking the Bricks decided to give it a shot with his new book, Tiny MBA. He put out a few posts on social media inviting people to email him if they were interested in the book, and within 24 hours, 90 people had contacted him requesting a pre-sale link. That's 25-40% of the people who liked his posts. In addition to creating demand, this made it easy for him to nurture his relationship with each potential customer, increasing the likelihood of conversion. And then there's all the time he saved — he didn't even have to build a landing page. Use a service like Zapier or automate.io to grab email addresses from anyone you tag as a preorder and save them to your email marketing platform for future announcements. But for your launch email, take another page out of Alex's book. He plans to email each person individually when he launches, and since he'll be replying to their original email, he knows it won't be marked as spam.

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    One other small thing: this is being released under Stacking the Bricks, not Indy Hall, though I've learned lots of it from my experience in both businesses!

    1. 1

      Thanks for the clarification! I made the edit.

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    Update: this is now up over 250 folks on the waiting list!

    The best part has been all of the nice/friendly/excited emails from real people.

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          Getting close to 300!

          Bigger marketing events start next week, should get interesting 😄

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