Tip: Increase conversions by inviting trial users to a shared Slack channel

Getting people to sign up for your free trial is a big step, but paid conversions put food on the table. Make it more likely that they'll take the next step by engaging them in a shared Slack channel.

Instead of using an email drip campaign, Kunal Jasty (@memn0nis) of Across converts trials to paid plans by automatically inviting new users to a shared Slack channel. This makes it easier (and more personal) to start conversations. In fact, he's talking to 50% more users now. In these conversations, he can answer questions, gather feedback, train users, cultivate relationships, and ultimately increase the chance of conversions. And since Kunal leaves the channel open after the trial, it keeps his company top-of-mind, even if users don't convert right away. For context, this tactic works for him because he sells a B2B product that requires a high-touch trial. It's also great if your customers have a high lifetime value or if you need lots of feedback, fast.

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  1. 3

    Does anybody ever try this? What percentage of people really find value in it?

    It looks like something I should try! I added some live chat on logology but nobody really talks. People are bored by these Intercom-like chats (maybe bcz most of them are bots!)

  2. 2

    Can this be done cheaply? I thought slack charged per user?
    Would discord work just as well?

    1. 1

      I haven't used discord much but if that's what your audience uses, I think that could work. There's something to be said about meeting them in a forum that they're already comfortable with.

  3. 2

    Thanks for sharing :). Shared slack channels are great!

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