Tip: Increase conversions by notifying visitors of real-time site activity

As your company grows, you'll have more opportunities to increase conversions via social proof, like displaying real-time activity to potential customers. Use notifications to highlight your popularity and increase conversions.

Unobtrusive popups that notify potential customers of current (or recent) activity on a website can have a big impact on conversions. In fact, they're so good at delivering social proof that conversions have been shown to jump 15% with their addition. Some sites showcase the number of people currently viewing a page or call out new registrations and purchases as they happen, but any relevant event will work. Just don't be too in-your-face about it; keep the notifications small and out of the way. Services like TrustPulse and PopKit offer plug-and-play options, so they could be good places to start.

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    One thing I’d mention is you probably only want to do this if you actual have recent activity. I’m seeing more and more sites that show these kind of popups and when they say something like “Greg purchased a pro plan 11 hours ago”... I dont really know what to make of that. I guess your product isn’t that popular?

    1. 2

      For sure, that's a great note. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. 2

    Another great growth tip :) Social proof is so important for early stage products and communities to set the foundations for long term growth. Thanks for this reminder and the tools :)

  3. 1

    Thanks for sharing.

    What exactly are you supposed to do though if someone is browsing your site ?

    Couldn't you get the same info from Google Analytics realtime reports ?

    1. 1

      Yes, you could get this info from your analytics, but the idea is to tell your users. So while they're taking a look at a product on your website, they'll see a little popup saying "Joe from Nebraska purchased this item 5 minutes ago", for example. That notification will act as social proof — it'll show that your site is popular and trustworthy, and they'll be more likely to buy. Does that answer our question?

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