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Tip: Increase engagement by using original images instead of stock photos

Stock photos are quick and easy but they may actually detract from your readers' experience. Add value to your articles and increase engagement by using unique imagery.

Compared to stock imagery, original photos and illustrations have been shown to increase traffic, engagement, and time on site. And they appear to indirectly benefit SEO as well. Stock images just don't add much value. And since we've all got a keen eye for them these days, they can actually detract from a reader's experience. So go easy on the stock photos. Take your own, if you can. Or just focus on unique, high-quality visuals like graphs, screenshots, and so on. Services like Canva and Stencil can help.

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    If you'd like to support an Indie Hacker check out Mugshot Bot. It's a micro-service I run that generates original images for sharing blog posts on social media.

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