Tip: Increase organic traffic with internal links from your top pages

Like backlinks, internal links have a big impact on SEO. Unlike backlinks, they put the power firmly into your own hands. If one of your webpages needs a boost, add relevant links to it from your highest-ranking pages.

Internal links help search engines discover pages while increasing PageRank. Plus, their anchor text adds context for search engines. And all of that leads to more organic traffic. In fact, one study showed that adding a link between two levels of a site's hierarchy brought a combined 25% boost in organic traffic across both levels. To give lagging pages (or new blog posts) a boost, add relevant links to them from your highest-authority pages. Or find particularly relevant pages to link from by searching the following: site:yourdomain.com “keyword related to the page”. Just remember that the quality of the links is important and each subsequent link added will have less impact, so linking to unrelated pages won't be much help.

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