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Tip: Increase paid conversions by incentivizing trial users to check out key features

It's critical to convey your product's value before new users abandon the trial. Boost conversions by offering a small trial extension for each key feature a user explores.

@navarre of Navexa achieved an impressive 50% conversion rate from trial to paid, and most of the credit goes to his gamified onboarding experience. Here's how it works. New users get a 1-week free trial. When they log in, a small modal appears, inviting them to extend their trial for free — all they have to do is visit specific pages and/or try out key features. The modal displays these tasks, how many days each task will add to the trial, and a progress bar. It also shows how many days are currently left in the trial, so the user can see time being added with each task completed. Once all is said and done, the trial lasts two weeks. And with users trying out the features that will (hopefully) convert and retain them, trial abandonment is reduced while engagement and conversions are increased.

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    This is an awesome idea, will definitely think about implanting this going forward!

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