Tip: Increase paid conversions with low-volume, high-intent keywords

Writing content based on high-volume SEO keywords is great for boosting traffic and email signups, but when it comes to paid conversions, it's worth considering another option. Target low-volume terms that have high purchase intent.

The real moneymakers for Marc Thomas (@iammarcthomas) of doopoll ($13,800/mo) were his long-tail articles, which targeted specific search terms. They brought in less traffic than short-tail content, but the people who found them were way more likely to buy. In fact, some of these articles converted at 14% higher than doopoll's other posts. Plus, there's way less competition for these terms on Google. Get started by identifying pain points that potential customers are looking to solve. Then find high-intent search terms for those topics by speaking to customers or conducting surveys, and check out the traffic for each keyword on services like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Once you've got the keywords dialed in, incorporate them into new content that addresses the relevant pain point.

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