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Tip: Increase retention by following up after resolving customer service requests

We all know that good customer service is crucial, but you might be missing an opportunity after the customer's problem has been solved. Increase customer satisfaction and retention by checking in a week or two later.

According to HBR, the biggest complaint people have about businesses is the lack of follow-up about an issue they're having. So after you solve a user's problem, why not go the extra mile by checking in to see if the fix is working? This degree of care tends to impress customers and improve relationships. It's also a nice opportunity for businesses to make sure their customers are satisfied (and that they won't be going anywhere). Plus, if the customer does still have a problem, you can nip it in the bud and turn a bad situation into a good one.

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    This is really an important area to look upon. When a user gives feedback he gives it with the hope to look for an action taken based on his feedback. If we are able to let the user assure that this feedback was constructive and we are making efforts based on his feedback, then it would lead to better retention of users.
    But these tasks tend to be boring but are important at the same time. We have been building Feature Monkey (http://featuremonkey.com/) to solve this problem. Some of the ways we are trying to fix this are:

    1. The feature to allow changing tags on the feedback, helps the user to know the status of the feature/bugfix requested.
    2. Also, we added functionality to send emails about status change, of when the feature requested is shipped, etc.
      Feature Monkey is still in Beta, and we would love to have your feedback here.
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