Tip: Increase revenue by incorporating ritualistic behaviors into your product

Adding ritualistic behaviors into the use of your product can actually make it more valuable. Invite your customers to take part in these behaviors to increase both satisfaction and spending.

According to one study, customers find products to be more valuable when a ritualistic behavior is associated with it. In fact, they were willing to spend 74% more for the same product. A related experiment showed that it also increased the enjoyment of using the product, probably because it increased their involvement in the experience. The customs that you create should be relevant to your specific product or service so you'll have to get creative. That said, @tdmck of Aryih adds context with examples like asking clients to close their eyes and take a deep breath before each meeting, and asking users to adjust their phones' brightness before starting a game. Whatever you choose, make it optional. And for best results, the custom should take place before using the product each time. Once you've got something in mind, test it out with a small group. If it gets a positive response, get it to catch on by including it in your branding, marketing, onboarding, and so on.

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    I love it when posts here are backed with actual examples and research papers.

    Keep more of these coming!

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