Tip: Increase revenue by offering a DIY version of your product or service

If your product or service is too expensive for a portion of your audience, you can still acquire them as customers. Increase revenue by selling them info on how to achieve the same result themselves.

@ConsultantRhys of Contentago ($1,800/mo) realized that most of the ~1,300 people who visited his consulting site each month couldn't afford his services. So he decided to try something new: Downsell. He distilled his know-how into a spreadsheet designed to help customers achieve a similar result to his consulting and listed it at a third of the price of his service. Within the first month, these sales increased revenue by 75%, and he was getting more consulting calls too. This can be a great approach if you're doing some consulting work to keep the lights on. But it also applies to products if they're too expensive for a chunk of your audience. Place the product prominently on your site, and proactively offer it to anyone who turns you down or abandons your checkout flow.

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