Tip: Increase sales by adding a "made by" badge to your project

Why have a faceless project when you can build trust and connection with your potential customers instead? Get more sales and followers by adding a "made by" badge to your site.

@jakobgreenfeld of Gum Spy got dozens of sales, along with hundreds of followers and subscribers because he added a small "made by" badge to his project's website. Shaan Puri of My First Million clicked the badge and looked into Jakob. He liked what he saw and gave him a shoutout — all thanks to that little badge. But you don't need to get noticed by a famous podcaster to see the benefits. These badges make it easy for potential customers to learn about you and your other projects, allowing for a more personal connection. They can also create trust (depending on your industry). And they're particularly helpful if your target market is fellow makers, as it shows that you're a kindred spirit. Here's the free badge that Jakob used. It simply says "by Jakob Greenfeld" in the bottom right of each page, and links to his personal website.

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    I am making something similar that helps you add this + also collect feedback from your users and analyze their sentiment.

  2. 2

    True. I am going to made a:


    I have read something similar before...super interesting.

  3. 2

    Woah, that badge was so subtle I missed it the first time I visited the page!

    Nice one!

  4. 2

    Never thought of that. Very interesting to be fair

  5. 2

    Hey, not sure who's writing the newsletter, but I've made an article (back when IH did articles) on this very topic:

    You guys have A LOT of these examples from the IH interviews as well.

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