Tip: Increase sales by sending feedback surveys with positive, open-ended questions

We all know that customer feedback is invaluable, but it turns out that it can boost sales too. Bring in more revenue by sending out surveys that lead with a positive, open-ended question.

Studies show that feedback surveys increase how much customers spend, even when they don't respond. And starting a survey with a positive, open-ended question (e.g. "What did you like most about our product?") can bring in even more sales — 8.25% more according to one study, and 32.88% more according to another. Apparently, being asked what they liked makes customers think positively about their experience, which leads to more purchases in the future. The feedback can be about the product, customer service, documentation, you name it. And it's beneficial with both potential and existing customers. Just link a survey in a follow-up email or present it in-app. You can even shoot customers a personal email with a few questions if it doesn't need to be done at scale.

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      Great summary of the ariyh.com tip @growthbites!

      I'd add that we should be mindful to the way we ask questions. It has a big impact.

      Avoid "What did you dislike?" and ask instead "What can we do even better?".

      You'll get a similar result in terms of feedback, but customers will think better of you.

      1. 1

        Great point, as always 🙌

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