Tip: Increase the deliverability of your email campaigns with spam filter testing

We all know the power of email marketing. But to benefit from it, your subscribers have to actually receive your emails. Improve deliverability by running them through a spam filter test before hitting send.

Even though you've been given permission, an average of 16% of your emails may never make it to their destinations. Luckily, running your emails through a spam filter test before sending them can help you catch potential issues and improve deliverability. And that means a greater return on investment. In fact, these tests have been shown to increase ROI for email campaigns from 39:1 to 51:1. Check out services like Litmus Spam Testing or GlockApps' free Inbox Insight to see how you can improve deliverability before sending your next email.

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    Or simply get the tool that generates email prospects AND verifies the emails at the same time http://prospectrole.com

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    GlockApps has a paid option too which is what we use every day for our newsletter. We've been quite happy with it for 2 years now.

    Oh, and it's cheaper than a full Litmus plan with the options it has. Was one of the main reasons we tried it first.

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      Nice, thanks for the input 💪

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