Growth August 6, 2020

Tip: Increase the deliverability of your email campaigns with spam filter testing

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We all know the power of email marketing. But to benefit from it, your subscribers have to actually receive your emails. Improve deliverability by running them through a spam filter test before hitting send.

Even though you've been given permission, an average of 16% of your emails may never make it to their destinations. Luckily, running your emails through a spam filter test before sending them can help you catch potential issues and improve deliverability. And that means a greater return on investment. In fact, these tests have been shown to increase ROI for email campaigns from 39:1 to 51:1. Check out services like Litmus Spam Testing or GlockApps' free Inbox Insight to see how you can improve deliverability before sending your next email.

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    Or simply get the tool that generates email prospects AND verifies the emails at the same time

  2. 1

    GlockApps has a paid option too which is what we use every day for our newsletter. We've been quite happy with it for 2 years now.

    Oh, and it's cheaper than a full Litmus plan with the options it has. Was one of the main reasons we tried it first.

    1. 1

      Nice, thanks for the input 💪

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