Tip: Increase traffic by optimizing your content for voice search

It's still early days but voice search is gaining popularity, which makes it a big opportunity. Get a leg up on the competition by optimizing your content for vocal queries.

About 20% of searches are now voice searches. Much of this is from younger demographics seeking quick (or local) answers but usage is on the rise, so it's a good time to start accounting for it in your SEO. Most voice searches are phrased as questions, so figure out what questions people are asking about your company, product, and industry. Your articles (and FAQs) should provide the answers. Start important paragraphs with succinct questions, then follow these with short answers in a conversational tone. Focus on long-tail keyword phrases. Make sure your site is responsive and that it loads quickly. And help search engines classify your content accurately with structured data. Ultimately, 70% of voice searches return rich answers, so a big part of this process will be optimizing for featured snippets.

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