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Tip: Increase trial signups by notifying users when their trials are about to end

Some people balk at the thought of their free trials automatically transitioning into paid plans. Put their minds at ease and boost conversions by offering to notify them before the end of their trials.

When a mobile app called Blinkist started giving users the option to get notified before their trials ended, they saw a 23% increase in trials. Interestingly, trial cancellations also decreased by 4% — presumably either because the notification served as a reminder to use (and value) the app or because the offer created trust. Here's how they did it. They added a screen that explains the trial flow: Get full access today, receive a reminder in five days, and get charged in seven days. If the user chooses to start a free trial, they're asked if they'd like to be notified when the trial is about to end. Selecting "Remind Me" schedules a push notification (though an email could work too) for 2 days before the end of the trial. And, while the notification lets the user know the trial is up in 2 days, it is phrased as a reminder to make the most of the app while it's free, making it likely to increase engagement.

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