Tip: Increase your conversion rate with an explainer video

As the saying goes, "Show, don't tell." Explainer videos allow you to show off your product and make its value clear. Boost sales by adding one to your homepage.

Explainer videos are short videos that explain what your product is and how to use it in order to clearly convey its value. They're a huge asset, with some sites seeing a 144% increase in their conversion rates just by placing them on their homepage, landing pages, etc. To get started, Benjamin Davis (@Benjamingjd) of Habit suggests deciding between live-action, whiteboard sketching, and animation. Then write your script and make sure to include an overview of the product, key features (and how they're used), the problems your product solves, social proof, and a call to action. Keep it short, 90 seconds max. Next comes the voiceover. Do it yourself on Audacity or find voice actors from platforms like Fiverr and Bunny Studio. Finally, you can do the video production yourself to save a few bucks or head to Fiverr or Upwork to get a freelancer. If you hire a professional, they can help with music and sound effects. Otherwise, you can find free audio at Freesound or Audio Jungle.

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    Explainer videos are great, they can be really effective because they are visually appealing (if done right) and they transfer the message of your brand really good. An example which is on top of my head is Glorfy's explainer:

    (You can see it when you click on "Watch video button")

    I mean it sells itself, right?

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