Tip: Interact with your competitors' followers to reach a new audience

If your Twitter following is in its infancy and you've got a bit of time on your hands, there's a simple way to get a boost. Grow your audience by liking the tweets of people who follow your competitors.

@catalinionescu of The Side Hustler was able to get about 50 profile views and 10-20 new followers per day by liking the latest tweets of people who were following his competitors. And then doing it again and again until he'd interacted with 100-150 accounts every day. It was time-consuming so in the end, it wasn't sustainable for Catalin. But it's a simple and effective way to find high-quality leads and start building momentum on Twitter. Just make sure that you actually appreciate the tweet that you're engaging so you don't send the wrong message. And consider throwing an occasional comment into the mix, as these may get even more attention.

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