Tip: Jumpstart growth by launching repeatedly (list included)

The time of hosting a grand opening is over, so don't limit yourself to one launch (or even a few). Reach new audiences and get customers by launching repeatedly.

@muntasir launched Postpace over 50 times within 6 months and brought in $146,000. That's a lot of launches, which is exactly the point. You can (and probably should) launch over and over and over again. Because every launch leads to a new audience and more customers. Muntasir started with Product Hunt, then BetaList, and continued on through his list of places to launch — check it out here. And here's another list, just for good measure.

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    It's kind of the reverse of a farewell tour for an aging band that does three of them over 8 years LOL. There are no launch police, right? So why not....

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing

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