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Tip: Leverage wildcard content to get more traffic in less time

Between keyword research and content creation, SEO can be time-consuming. Spend less time making more content by writing templatized content for wildcard keywords.

Wildcard content is an SEO strategy where you write multiple pieces of content based on a search query that has a variable word. It allows you to find tons of keywords and write templatized content, saving you time and upleveling your SEO game. As an example, let's say you specialize in SEO. Head to a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush and search something like "does * matter for SEO". Then go to the "Matching Terms" view (if Ahrefs), filter by difficulty and volume, and you'll see a good list of wildcard keywords where the asterisk is replaced with relevant words — in this case, "does URL matter for SEO", "does word count matter for SEO", etc. Write an article targeting one of the keywords, then use it as a template for the others. If you don't have access to one of these tools, just type the same query into Google and the autocomplete feature will show lots of options. Having trouble thinking of suitable queries? Get inspiration from AnswerThePublic or look for patterns in competitors' keywords.

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