Tip: Make a lasting impression by adding delightful microcopy to your site

It's easy to focus all of your copywriting creativity on the high-visibility copy, but sometimes it's the smallest details that have the biggest impact. Create a personal connection with website visitors by adding delight with microcopy.

Microcopywriting refers to the small, low-visibility details of your website and product. With very little time and effort, you can add delight, create a personal connection, and portray your brand's personality. Plus, it shows that you put in a little extra love and care. In short, each little piece of microcopy gives your visitors and users even more reason to get on your side (and stay there). Microcopy comes in all shapes and sizes: An interesting 404 error message, a funny tidbit in a product description, a clever turn of phrase in the fine print of a newsletter. Here are some examples to get your gears turning. So take a look around your site, emails, etc. — what copy can you add to give someone an unexpected smile?

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    I added a Rickroll to one of our FAQs a while back...good way to see if anyone is reading them :)

    1. 1

      That's awesome 😂 🙌

    1. 2

      Thanks for the shoutout 🤍

    2. 1

      By the way the second link you shared is not micro copy that is UX writing people sometimes confuses both things.

      UX writing: Is the “placed text” usually is there forever a menu, a header text. The UX writing make this more interesting, as for example, a lot of companies have this “talk with sales” button. But if we think a bit about it “What person really want to talk to sales?” This companies usually lose lots of clients as people don’t want to jump into a commitment or talk with a salesman. Instead of “talk with sales” something like “schedule your demo”, “take free trail” “discover it by yourself”. Are more effective on closing someone.

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