Tip: Motivate users with the perception of progress to keep them from churning

When your users have to follow a sequence of actions in order to convert, a little emotional support will get more of them through the funnel. Try displaying their progress toward the end goal and creating the perception that they are further along than they actually are.

Researchers Joseph Nunes and Xavier Dréze, experimented with the "endowed progress effect" with loyalty cards at a car wash. On half of the cards, customers got a free car wash for every eight washes. On the other half, it was every ten washes, but two were already stamped. They found that the pre-stamped cards resulted in 1.79 times more repeat business than the unstamped ones. Your customers will be more committed if they feel that they've made progress, and that'll make them more likely to convert. So whether it's a loyalty program, your onboarding or checkout process, or something else, embellish their progress a bit. Progress bars and checklists are a great place to start.

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