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Tip: Narrow purchasing options into smaller subsets to increase paid conversions.

Customers are easily overwhelmed, so don't show them a long list of purchasing options. If you have a lot of products, minimize cognitive effort, and increase paid conversions by displaying them in small groups.

Joanna Wiebe took a massive list of products and narrowed them into smaller sets, maximizing each customer's understanding of the options and allowing them to compare products more easily. This directly resulted in a 61% increase in paid conversions for her e-commerce client, AppDesignVault. Joanna suggests giving each subset a title and a short description, as well as a preview that shows three of the products. And within each subset, position the most similar products nearest each other to help customers narrow options even further.

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    Thanks for this @growthbites. A great reminder to keep things simple for the end customer. Too many options and unclear offerings only serve as confusion. I'll remember this when refining offerings and pricing soon. Thanks!

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