[Tip of the week #1] How to use Testimonials and Social proof to support your Landing Page

July's Tip #1

One of the most important parts of your landing page is providing social proof to your website's viewers.

Whether it's the homepage or a marketing landing page to target an audience you have to show everyone they're in good hands.

Ideally you have 2 things on your page:

A) Logo party
B) Testimonials

Let me know in the comments what your page with testimonials or the logo party looks like!

A Logo party

A logo party is basically the logos of important companies who use your tool or your services, this will help people reinforce the fact that you are a trustworthy vendor.
✅ The bigger the brand, the higher the impact on the audience.
Everyone can relate to big known brands.
✅ 1 is better than 0. Even having smaller companies' logos on your page is better than having none. If that's the case you can add a subtitle to explain the type of company that you're displaying
✅Use copy to highlight and clarify what you're showing



Intercom uses an arrow to point from just under the fold to bring the attention of the reader to the big brands that use their product


MailChimp doesn't play around, they're proud of the companies that have been very long time customers and their brands are reinforced with some copywriting that reinforces how big companies love to use their tool to scale their operations. Picking these logos is NOT random, as they've probably ran some analysis on who to feature on their homepage based on their audience


SendBird drops logo of very large companies on their homepage right above the fold, everyone can related with at least a couple of these companies. You know if they trust SendBird - you're probably in good hands too! It's not easy to get large companies to allow you to display their logo on your own homepage (I've learned this the hard way when it took weeks to get Crunchyroll to approve our usage of their logo on the homepage )

A small local Financial service provider

Using copy to reinforce who their target audience is helps a lot especially when you've never seen or heard of these companies.


Another super important part of great social proof is customer testimonials, the logos are cool but you know what's even better? Using an actual customer's testimonial to support why you should also become a customer and benefit from the solutions

✅ Use statements that are powerful and highlight or reinforce the value that your company provides but also remove doubts from your audience's mind. Use numbers if you can. They work very well to reinforce statements.
✅ Use images, person's name, company name, position (very important to be relevant to your target audience) and if possible link to the source of the testimonial. If you can't link to the source, you can also link (if it doesn't affect your bounce rate) to a social page for the user i.e. linkedin, twitter etc.
✅ Try to use typography to highlight keywords on your testimonial
✅ Don't be afraid to ask for a testimonial. If it doesn't look good go ahead and rephrase it slightly (but ask for permission)...or even better write it yourself and ask your customer if this would be okay to post it



This testimonial is super-loaded yet super simple. The actual statement is highlighting how huge of an impact Mailchimp has had on the life of the user/company. They use numbers, images, company, position and real names to achieve their goals. The copywriting is pretty genius. Especially the "not typical results" part.


A big wall of testimonials from a lot of people from different companies. Big powerful short statements, not a lot of images or numbers. They go all in on content and copy.


Another interactive big wall of testimonials. This time we have content, images, company names and..source of testimonial and to take it home...it moves (so it catches the eye) - in fact it is the only thing on the page that moves that much.


Here Sendbird uses a dual approach with a company logo and decides to not use the names of the person leaving the feedback. That works okay because the content is short and to the point. But leaves you thinking...


Do you have a page that requires some logo party and testimonials?
Drop it in the comments

I hope these tips will motivate you to get more customer feedback and possibly testimonials and logos on your page.
If you DON'T HAVE customers that's OKAY - you can ask the Indiehacker community to provide you some feedback and use that as a source. Or ask a friend!

Further reading:

  1. https://testimonial.to/blog/why-you-need-testimonials-for-your-business by Damen https://twitter.com/damengchen
  2. https://opensauce.it/how-to-find-good-testimonials/ by me (total self-plug yes!)
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