Tip Of The Week To Improve Your SaaS Product! ✅

Who has faced the situation where you are getting customer sign ups but they are just not using your product? (or if they are, the activity duration is very low)

If you said yes , I know it's frustrating. Although there are many factors to this, let me share with you what I have learnt from my experience in product design.

You can try to fix this with UX Writing, which includes the textual content your user reads while using your product. It's important to get this right because even if an idea is rock solid, it won't go far if your users aren't able to understand it.

Your main goal with UX writing is to ensure that the user understands your product while using it. So, the text you use inside the interface needs to be oriented towards guiding them throughout this process.

👉 Don't confused this with copywriting, which is mostly used for marketing and selling. UX writing is geared more towards user experience and product usability to make your users feel more comfortable in your ecosystem.

Pro Tips To Use Right Away

✅ 1. Make everything concise - *Use as little word as possible while conveying what you want in the process effectively
✅ 2. Stick to actual numbers - Instead of saying "two", say "2"
✅ 3. Reduce Jargon - *Avoid complex words when possible because not every user might know it's meaning. Stick to plain words.
✅ 4. Have consistency - Ensure that you are using similar textual pattern and voice throughout the entire product page and interface
✅ 5. 3 Line Rule - Never cross a sentence to more than 3 lines. If it does, compress it otherwise users might lose focus while reading it

That's the tip of the week from my end! Let me know if you try out these tips. If you have more to add, make sure to comment down below and help out the community! 👇

Have a great day!
Harsh 💯

  1. 1

    Great tips!

    I have a big problem with long sentences :) hemingwayapp.com is amazing in helping me simplify my writing. From blog posts to short one-liners on my landing page!

    1. 1

      That's interesting! Even I'll check that out :)

  2. 1

    I am more on the development side and always struggle with the UX.
    I saw a couple things that I could improve on my sites, thanks for sharing!

    1. 1

      Haha that's wonderful. Happy to hear it!

  3. 1

    Great tips Harsh - simple yet effective! Another great tip for us was to use the exact wording that our customers used when talking about the problem we were solving. For months at OpinionX we were using synonyms that we thought meant the same thing to all of our customers. Much later we realised that copywriting has a lot more nuance than we initially thought.

    1. 1

      It makes a lot of sense, @danielkyne. Adds to the overall relevancy with the users surely. OpinionX's website and idea looks great man!

      QQ - I saw that you are using Drift chat system on it. I've been considering a live chat or AI chatbot (still deciding on it) for ruttl. How has your experience been with Drift? Is the price and value worth it?

      1. 1

        Drift is ok. We use the free version still so lots of friction around the edges but we make it work. We'll likely move to Intercom once we have the budget.

        1. 1

          Ahh okay got it. Yeah Intercom is pretty famous I think.

  4. 1

    Yes. 100% agree. There was a session at Google IO on ux writing last week. https://youtu.be/uIcA4_JJmns

    1. 1

      Thanks for sharing this link! :)

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