Tip: Optimize your alt image text to increase traffic

Google Images is responsible for over 20% of all online searches, which makes it a surprisingly good source of traffic. Get more eyes on your site by improving the alt text of your images.

The alt text of an image is often overlooked. But improving it can increase traffic from Google Images, improve your topical relevance by giving Google more info about the page, and improve accessibility for the visually impaired (2.4% of US citizens). To optimize yours, head to whatever pages get the most traffic from organic search and use an extension like the free Alt Text Tester Chrome to view the image data. Make sure your alt text is concise and accurate. Avoid keyword stuffing and redundancy. And remember that not all images need alt text (e.g. decorative images). If your alt text is in need of some love, add or edit it through your CMS or by adding an alt attribute to the <img> tag in the HTML. For example: <img src=“pie.jpg” alt=“strawberry rhubarb pie”>.

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    Great tip. Google image search is 90% of our organic traffic. We’re basically unbundling Instagram/Pinterest from a medical reference perspective (GrepMed), leveraging images to shortcut the information retrieval process for busy doctors.

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    Related somewhat: always make sure each link has a preview thumbnail for social sharing!

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        Keep the growth bites coming! I'm a huge fan of them!

        1. 1

          Thanks, glad you're liking em. Will do!

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    Very nice 🙌 Is this an indiehackers official thing btw or is there some special way to create awesome pages like the one you have for signups?

    1. 1

      Thanks! It's an official IH thing 😎

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