Tip: Place your reviews by your CTAs to increase conversions

Social proof builds trust and increases the likelihood of conversions, but placement is everything. Position your reviews directly beneath your calls to action to get more signups.

@IamRafiqul hit an 18% newsletter conversion rate on Content Marketing VIP by strategically placing reviews directly under the CTA on his website. He advises the following steps: Take your most glowing reviews from your current subscribers or customers (or ask for some). Craft a solid CTA that includes who it's for, the benefits, and (in the case of newsletters) the frequency. Then place your reviews by the CTA, and include an image of the reviewer for best results. Rafiqul positioned his reviews directly below the email input — check out a screenshot in his post. Simple and effective.

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    IMO any sort of social proof near the CTA is good, even your clients' logos list. And if you can't add it/don't have anything to add then you can still write something to support CTA. For example, to combat the common objections with the free trial/money-back/no credit card policy.

    1. 1

      That's a lovely suggestion. Will plan to give your idea a try.

    2. 1

      Yeah that's a great point - thanks for weighing in 💪

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