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Tip: Position yourself as an expert and increase conversions with a free course

It's possible to demonstrate both your expertise and your product's value while teaching prospective customers how to use your product — and they'll thank you for it. How? Create a niche course and give it away for free.

As someone who knows a lot about your niche, you have knowledge that others want. So consider putting what you know into a course and giving it away for free. Ahrefs did this, unlocking a course that they originally sold for $799. The course shows their expertise, and the act of giving it away for free creates goodwill. But perhaps most importantly, it repeatedly shows their product's value and acts as a tutorial for new (and prospective) users. And after learning so much about the product, it's very unlikely that someone will leave and spend the time to learn a competitor's product. Of course, it does take time to plan and create a quality course, so it's important to validate it first, just like you would with any product. But once it's created, the marginal cost is nothing. To create a course, you can simply record yourself (either video or audio with slides), upload it to Youtube, and display it on your site. That's what Ahrefs did. Or you can try tools like Coursify.me and Easy Generator.

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