Tip: Provide case studies to increase willingness to pay

Social proof increases conversions, but we're becoming so accustomed to testimonials that they're having less of an impact. Boost willingness to pay by offering case studies.

ProfitWell found that full case studies increase willingness to pay by 10-20%, and even a mini-case study can give a boost of 6.74%. Compare that to testimonials, which increase willingness to pay by 4.39%. So consider offering case studies featuring specific problems that were solved by your product. You can display them on landing and/or your product pages, but it might be best to show the highlights and link to the full version instead of overwhelming visitors with text. You could even combine a case study with its corresponding testimonial by adding its key findings and a link next to the quote. Here's a good guide on how to write case studies, and here are a few helpful tips for best results.

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