Tip: Provide value with spreadsheets to convert leads

While they may not be as popular as video content or articles, spreadsheets are often what audiences actually need. Get new customers by solving problems with useful spreadsheets.

While working at Eventbrite, Ronnie Higgins created a simple spreadsheet to help people plan and track their event promotions. After spending 2-3 hours building it, Ronnie created a simple landing page and started getting it in front of people who were managing single events. Visitors entered their information and downloaded the document. This was presumably followed by an email sequence aiming to convert them into paid customers. Later, Ronnie made a few tweaks and put out a new spreadsheet targeting people who were managing multiple events. This brought in even more conversions. In the end, these evergreen spreadsheets generated hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars. Of course, Ronnie's spreadsheets are outliers and Eventbrite already had a good amount of traffic at the time, but there are plenty of other examples of companies experiencing similar (though smaller) effects. So if you've made your life easier for yourself with a spreadsheet (or if you know of a likely pain point), consider polishing it up, promoting it, and linking to it from your other content.

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    Providing a tool that your target audience can immediately use and extract value is more useful than just reading an ebook or report. Also ebooks and videos are more commonplace than spreadsheet tools, so a spreadsheet template tends to also be perceived as more valuable.

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