Tip: Reach a new audience with a newsletter takeover

Looking for a quick, easy, and free way to get your newsletter in front of a new audience? Get new subscribers with a newsletter takeover.

Team up with another newsletter creator to write part (or all) of an issue for each other. Trevor McKendrick of How It Actually Works and Josh Spector of For The Interested recently did this by writing the intro section of each other's newsletter. In Josh's takeover, for example, he introduced himself, mentioned that readers of one newsletter usually like the other, shared examples of how their newsletters go well together, linked to his newsletter, and turned it back over to Trevor. To access new audiences like this, team up with friends and acquaintances with newsletters in overlapping spaces. Or ask your subscribers what newsletters they like, sign up for them to see if collaboration makes sense, and then reach out to the creators. You could also offer to pay someone with a bigger audience to take over their newsletter, but reciprocal takeovers are free and mutually beneficial.

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