Tip: Remove high-friction words from your button copy to increase conversions

The copy on your site's buttons might be the reason that people are bouncing instead of converting. Make sure each button is optimized for conversions by replacing high-friction words with terms signaling a low time investment.

In your button copy, it's important to keep friction low by using words that describe what people want to do; not what they have to do. The worst words for conversion are those which imply that the user will have to give something up (e.g. time or money) — words like "buy", "sign up", or "complete". Then there are words that indicate a loss, but also a reward, like "join", "find", and "earn". Those are better, but still not optimal. If possible, replace these friction words with words like "get", "discover", and "reveal" that imply less work on the user's end.

For example, one B2B company got a 38% lift in conversions just by changing their button from "Order information" to "Get information." If for some reason a problematic word can't be replaced, it sometimes helps to lead with a benefit, even if it means adding a few words. And either way, make sure to A/B test.

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  1. 5

    I split tested “sign up” vs “register” vs “get started” and get started was MILES AND MILES AND MILES ahead in terms of clicks.

    I can’t remember exactly but it won the experiment with like 94% against the other 2 getting 3% each.

    1. 2

      Nice! Thanks for sharing. Crazy that a couple of words can have such a big impact, isn't it?

      1. 1

        Yeah definitely.

  2. 2

    My CTA to get clients to follow me on social media is Follow us. Would you recommend a change to Learn More?

    1. 1

      No, I wouldn't recommend "Learn More" if you're trying to get someone to follow you — it isn't really accurate. Most people would expect "Learn More" to direct them to a page that describes the product/service.

      I checked out your site — are you talking about the "Follow Us" header in your footer? I'd probably leave that as is. If you aren't getting many follows from it, it could be the wording (and that's worth testing), but it could also be the position, or it could be that visitors don't have enough incentive to follow you yet, etc. You can always try another header like "Stay up to date" and see how that performs. Hope that helps!

      P.S. "At Chore Disposal" — haha, that's great :)

      1. 2

        Thanks I was actually thinking about the copy in my email signature when I wrote the post. I'll split test Stay up to date(which is more accurate than learn more) and let you know if I see an uptick

  3. 2

    I think these are great ideas, and i plan to implement them myself

  4. 2

    We have a lot of CTAs on our landing page, can you share some feedback on how to convert more ? this is our landing page: https://dezilo.com/

    1. 3

      At a brief glance, it looks like your CTAs are in line with this Growth Bite for the most part. But consider changing "Use For Free" to "Get It For Free" or something similar. And I'd definitely change "Buy Now" to "Get Started" (removes "buy" and makes it consistent with your unlimited tier). Hope that helps! Best of luck 👍

      1. 2

        Thanks for the insights, will implement them soon 😁

  5. 2

    We changed our CTA from "View proposals" to "Get started" and the conversion increase for real (we change a lot of other things, but still)
    With the new landing page, we moved the conversion from 7% to 20%!

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