Tip: Request internal links for your guest posts to get more traffic

Guest posts are a powerful way to reach a new audience, but they can do even more with a simple ask. Give them more juice by requesting that the publisher link internally to your article.

After writing some guest posts, Nick Ventouris of Syndesmos experimented with getting each site that published one of his articles to link internally to it. He used Ahrefs' "best by links" tool to find the most powerful pages on each site that were relevant to his guest post. And he made sure that these pages were only two or three clicks from the homepage so that more SEO juice would flow to his article. Then, he reached out to each site and requested that they add internal links to his guest post, offering these pages as suggestions. And he let them know that this would be good for them too, as the links should increase time on site. Of course, not everyone will bite. They may even ask for payment. But it's worth a shot. In Nick's experiments, it boosted his search ranking significantly in every case.

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