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Tip: Run an annual content audit to increase organic traffic

Annual content audits aren't just good housekeeping, they can actually increase your traffic. Analyze the performance of each piece of content on your site, then remove (or update) low-quality pages to get more eyes on your site.

Siege Media's client ran a content audit and ended up removing 15% of their content. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, this led to a 50% increase in traffic. And they aren't alone — many others have seen similar results. To run a content audit of your own, decide what constitutes a good level of traffic for your pages. Then use services like Ahrefs and SEMRush to review your site. If a page doesn't have enough traffic and there are no backlinks, delete it. If a page doesn't have enough traffic but it does have backlinks, try to improve it. If it isn't salvageable, see if the content would add value to another article, and give it a 301 redirect. Then repeat this every year. To automate the process, either check out this Google Sheets template or (for the WordPress users among you) check out Ahrefs' free plugin.

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    For those interested in reading a bit more on content purging/pruning, here's a thread on Reddit that I shared some info as to what I've been doing related to this.


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