Tip: Scare fewer potential customers away by explaining why you require a credit card for your free trial

No one likes to give their credit card information away, especially for a free trial. A simple reassurance about why you need their info will build trust and increase your signups.

Potential customers signing up for Crazy Egg's free trial were stalling out when it came time to enter their credit card info. In an attempt to put these users at ease, they updated their checkout page, explaining why the info was needed (to prevent the same users from re-upping on multiple free trials) and how it would be used (no charge for 30 days). By offering this explanation, they helped customers build empathy for the policy and reduced any suspicion that the company was merely being greedy. Crazy Egg also changed the order total from "$49 per month" to the more explicit "$0 for 30 days and after 30 days: $49 per month." Together with one final adjustment to their call to action — a list of other companies that used their product, which added social proof — Crazy Egg increased their free-trial signups by 116%.

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