Tip: Sell single issues of your newsletter to increase revenue

Subscribing to your paid newsletter may be too much of a commitment for some readers. But that doesn't mean they're unwilling to pay. Boost revenue by selling your strongest issues individually as well.

@joshspector of This Is How I Do It offers a paid subscription, but a third of the revenue for this newsletter actually comes from selling individual issues. Just below the yearly subscription, Josh links to a page listing issues that can be bought individually. People can then pick whichever topics are most relevant to them. Selecting an issue brings the reader to Gumroad, where they can buy a PDF version for 15 bucks a pop. Not only does this bring in more revenue, but it may even convert fence-sitters into subscribers. This approach will work best for newsletters that cover one specific topic in each issue.

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    Thanks for sharing! Happy to answer any questions anyone has about what I'm up to and how I do it (no pun intended).

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    Somehow I feel that Trends and other research-done-for-you newsletter style is missing a lot of details that are considered not important (hence not included) but might be really important piece of information, just to be able to fit into specific format and shortened style to attract readers.

    If I am working with newsletters I would include option for expanded version, "fat edition" of the same newsletter, maybe even in the form of pay-walled blog posts with a much more information that didn't make it into newsletter.

    I am not one of those who like to read only the triple-distilled, maximum curated information made for "too busy" or "don't like to read that much" people, it's just a different wording for "too lazy to research".

    When I am interested in some subject, I find and read at least 20-50 sources about it and read all I can, taking as much time I need for it. If you want to do the job or research properly, you need to know all positive and negative issues, opinions, techniques about whatever is the subject to form an relevant opinion.

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