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Tip: State your anticipated growth to increase your signup rate

A large userbase acts as social proof and, in some cases, it can be an integral part of a product's value. If your new company is still short on users, get more signups by stating your anticipated growth.

A 2021 study found that when a platform had less than 1,000 users, stating its anticipated growth actually led to a ~20% boost in the signup rate among invitees. After you hit 1,000, it becomes as effective to simply state the current number of users. So in the beginning, consider conveying your anticipated growth via marketing materials, landing pages, outreach, signup forms, and so on. It can be something as simple as "We expect X users to join by the end of the year." Of course, the number should be an honest, optimistic prediction. It should be noted that this effect is particularly important for communities, marketplaces, etc., but it's likely to assuage hesitancy for other early-stage companies as well.

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