Tip: Strengthen your brand authority by teeing up novel data for other content creators

A content alliance can put you in front of new people and give you stellar content at the same time. Increase your brand authority by sharing meaningful data with other content creators.

To create a content alliance, team up with other businesses, blogs, and channels in your industry to share interesting data and fresh takes. Whenever you have something that their audience might appreciate, send it their way (usually after publishing it yourself). And they'll do the same for you. We're not talking about guest posts here — those take time. This is about quickly sending data, trends, infographics, ideas, and so forth. You're already dreaming up the info and running the experiments anyway, so why not share the love? When they credit you for your data, you'll expand your reach. If you're on the receiving end, you'll get something interesting to share with your audience. And either way, your brand authority will get a nice little boost.

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