Tip: To book more calls from cold outreach, offer to pay each prospect for their time

With cold emails littering everyone's inboxes these days, it's important to get creative. Set yourself apart and book more calls by offering to pay potential customers for the time they spend talking to you.

Jason Cohen of WP Engine sent 40 cold emails, from which he booked 40 calls and walked away with 30 customers. And he didn't even have a product yet. Here's how he did it. He reached out to his target customers (WordPress consultants) on LinkedIn, telling them what he was doing and that he was hoping to get their feedback on the idea. Pretty standard. Here's where it gets interesting. He then acknowledged that their time was valuable and offered to pay them whatever they thought was fair for an hour of their time — even if it was more than their going rate. Obviously, you'll need a few bucks set aside to do this. But in Jason's case, not one of them asked for a penny. And he walked away with both feedback and verbal agreements. It seems that offering to pay set him apart from the crowd while showing that he respected each prospect's time and proving that he meant business.

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    I tried this, but someone came back immediately, with nothing else, and said:



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