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Tip: Use a helping tone rather than a salesy one for higher conversions

If your copy isn't converting the way you'd hoped, check your tone — people often put their guard up when companies try to convince them of something. Win them over by using a tone that conveys your sincere desire to help.

ActiveNetwork wanted to increase signups without spending a lot of time on it, so they decided to keep on with business as usual, but change up their tone. In their emails, they switched from a salesy approach where they said something like, "You're one step away from getting free access to our award-winning product," to a more helpful one like, "We're here to provide you with whatever assistance you need in reaching your goal.” A/B testing showed that the change in tone got ActiveNetwork a 349% increase in total lead inquiries. Admittedly, this is more than most people will see from such a small change, but even a fraction of these results could make it worthwhile.

Your vibe inspires an emotional response in users, which is huge when it comes to decision making. To audit your tone, get a few fresh pairs of eyes on your copy — do these readers feel like they're being sold something or does it feel like genuine assistance is being offered? Make tweaks accordingly and A/B test them.

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