Tip: Use a milestone referral program to get more customers

Referral programs are well-known for their efficacy, and a great way to get them moving is by offering tiered incentives. Use a milestone referral program to reach new people.

The Hustle got 300,000 newsletter subscribers in a few months with a milestone referral program. To get ambassadors, they created a dedicated ambassador landing page and brought their subscribers to it through an email campaign. On the ambassador landing page, they shared exactly how to be successful at bringing in new subscribers and showcased all the prizes they could win (access to a private Facebook group, swag, etc.). After someone becomes an ambassador, it's important to show them their progress and how much further they've got to go before they're rewarded. When they unlock a prize, send an email giving them the option to redeem the prize or keep going for a better one. If they redeem it, send their prize promptly and consider including a handwritten card.

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