Tip: Use a website profiler to find quality prospects

If your target market tends to use a specific technology (or even a competitor's product), there's an easy way to find leads. Use a website profiler to find sites using that technology, then reach out and convert them.

Services like BuiltWith and NerdyData allow you to identify websites that use specific technologies. If you know the technologies that your target market uses, you can leverage these services to find people who may be interested in your product, along with their approximate spend and traffic volume. And if your competitor's product is a technology that is inserted into websites, you can even find out exactly who their customers are. Use the information you garner to identify quality prospects, then find a contact person on LinkedIn or track down an email address on services like Hunter and Clearbit. Reach out and let them know how your product could be a perfect fit for their company.

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    Valuable tips and great short read. Bookmarked, thank you.

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      Glad you liked it @Elans! 🙏

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    This is very useful for me! Thank you kindly and good luck guys!

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      Thanks, @Jacula! Glad you found it useful :)

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