Tip: Use abandoned cart tactics to convert lost leads for your SaaS

It's common for visitors to bounce once you ask for their payment info, even if they won't be charged. Get their email addresses before this happens and create a drip sequence to convert them.

E-commerce companies get over 50% open rates and 30% conversion rates on their abandoned cart emails. With a few tweaks, you can do the same with your SaaS product. When someone selects a tier, don't request their payment info right away. Instead, ask for their email. Once you have that, take them to the payment page. Now, even if these hot leads bounce, you can reach out and give them a nudge with a discount, a helping hand, or by reminding them of your value. It worked for Ninja Outreach, whose 2-email drip sequence achieved a 36% open rate, 14% click-through rate, and 11.6% trial conversion rate. The best timing for these emails varies so A/B test it, but a good starting point is the length of time it usually takes your users to convert.

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