Tip: Use customized preheader text to boost your open rate

Your email open rate depends on your ability to convey your email's value at a glance. Don't just rely on your subject line for this — seal the deal with custom preheaders.

Email preheaders are previews displayed after a subject line. They directly impact open rates, giving an average boost of 7%. And they're particularly important on mobile. Yet, preheaders are rarely customized. In fact, MailerLite found that only 10% of their customers' email campaigns used custom preheaders, which meant that the rest would have simply displayed the first sentence or two of the message. If you want to display something more enticing, add custom preheader text through your email marketing platform. Or you can add it to the HTML yourself. When putting together your preheader, consider giving an overview of the content, elaborating on the subject line, teasing an incentive, or making it personalized. And keep it right around 50 characters. For inspiration, here are some subject/preheader combos that got higher than 50% open rates.

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    Thanks for sharing this guys! I love the small bits of tips you've been sharing!
    Will try out this tactic for Brutask mailers!

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      🙏 Thanks, hope it helps!

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